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Center the right hand column vertically and pass your mouse over any thumbnail below to get a larger image. These works, created mostly in 2006, come from manipulating x-ray images of the Artist's bones, taken of injuries suffered in a collision with a drinking driver. "Contention" comes from the refusal of hospital medical authorities in that time and place, Summer 1985 in Northwest Arkansas, to provide full palliative care. They seemed to have some moral objection both to providing painkiller for crushed bones, and to listening to screams in response to having those bones rubbed together. "Well! He just doesn't care!", and "It just doesn't go any good to yell!", they complained. Not many years before, these same authorities had refused painkillers to the Artist's Aunt as she lay dying of ovarian cancer. She went to a cruel death crying and whimpering the whole way. Nor was she the only one. Some years before that, the Father of a girl the Artist knew from church was let to die horribly from the pain of cancer spread throughout his body . It was apparently a grisly religious and cultural tradition.

Such was the Christian mercy of the Truly Saved.

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