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Presented for the sole purpose of evaluating the feasibility of producing and marketing the concept of Laptop Security & Personality Skins™ using artwork licensed from android originals LC.


Executive Summary

Not Just Another Black Laptop


Laptop Security & Personality Skins™ are the artwork of android originals LC applied to laptop computers using vinyl van wrap or similar material, or direct printing. They brand a laptop computer with a colorful personality that makes it harder to steal under the owner's nose, and will help to identify it in case of theft. In case of loss, they can be printed with a serial or driver's license number or telephone number or e-mail address with offering a reward. Businesses and Government Agencies will benefit with a clearly visible unique identifier without advertising that the laptop might contain secret or sensitive encrypted information. The largest potential markets can be expected among students, business travelers and young professionals, whose laptops are more publicly exposed to theft and loss than others.



android originals LC presents this copyrighted material only for evaluating android originals LC artwork in regard to producing and marketing Laptop Security & Personality Skins™. While android originals LC is well aware that others can put artwork of any kind on any surface they please, android originals LC claims the trademark Laptop Security & Personality Skins™, as well as the copyrights to its own artwork.

All are hereby informed that the terms "Laptop Security & Personality Skins" and "SecuritySkin" and "PersonalitySkin" are a trademarks of android originals LC, including by but not exclusive of the actions of android originals LC in:

  1. Installing a prototype a vinyl van wrap Laptop Security Skins™ on a laptop, circa September 2007, as dated by digital images taken of the installation;
  2. Displaying said laptop with Security Skin™ sometime thereafter in Federal District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma in Tulsa;
  3. As certified with a description and images in an e-mail dated 12/2/2007 to Mrs. Hee Jin Davies, Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, Tulsa OK, subject: Changes to office, including the statement;
  4. As described in e-mails to Mr. Kenton Knorpp at Meeks Group, Tulsa OK, starting 4/4/2009.

Please be informed that the copyrights for the images used here in simulating Laptop Security & Personality Skins™ on a laptop may extend many years prior to 2009, back to as early as 1968, or before.



Laptop Installation Completed On or Before September 26, 2007




This artwork was put on a guitar in August 2006, using digitally printed vinyl van wrap material (see, for example). About 11 months later, android originals LC applied it to a laptop intended for use in a courtroom. Both as an advertisement for the artwork, and to make the laptop, which contained sensitive information, harder to steal.

The guitar required an additional hard overlaminate to avoid fingernail scuffing. But the laptop artwork only needed the same standard layer of thin, clear vinyl overlaminate used for signs on cars, trucks and vans. This material typically sees two to five years of outdoor use. Some manufacturers claim that it is easily removable for up to two years. But in the case of a laptop, this is not certain. This material is normally applied on auto body clearcoat. There is no guarantee what it does to a plastic laptop body. Since this laptop was bought used, it did not matter in this case.

Installation was simple. The artwork was cut oversize and applied to the laptop case with a roller to make it adhere and to roll out the air bubbles under it. This material is an earlier version of 3M Controltac adhesive. It has channels in the adhesive to allow air trapped under it to escape more easily to avoid bubbles. Otherwise the bubbles have to be pricked with sharp instruments, which is not advisable on the scale of a laptop because it can be highly visible. Also, this material can be repositioned for some time after initial contact to set the artwork straight. Some other adhesive vinyl materials demonstrate almost instant adhesion, requiring a lot of pulling, stretching and wrinkles to get them back off and repositioned. This is not what a customer would like to see. At this scale, it would make the installer look incompetent.

Then it was folded over the edges and trimmed with a sharp blade, very carefully, near the LCD screen. Replacing the LCD after a single missed cut would have cost more than the laptop. There is an edge adhesive, that are sold to keep the edges of this material from lifting up on a truck or van. It could be used on the sides of the laptop case instead of near the LCD. This would undoubtably be easier and safer for the LCD, but could also affect the laptop plastic. Otherwise, strips of clear overlaminate might be used as edging tape.



Simulated Examples


The simulated examples come from an Adobe Photoshop 7.0 file, looking like the one below, with the artwork place just above the background layer. You have limited permission only to download either file and use it to see how any of the other artwork on will look as a SecuritySkin™, for personal use only.


Click on the images below to see more

 Abstract Color Transformations



 Fine Print B&W with Poetry



Marketing Observations


  1. The most likely markets for this product are those whose laptops are more exposed to theft in public, such as students, young professionals and business travelers.
  2. The color blue is known to be the best seller in such things as monochrome photographic mouse pads. Among these images, some women have volunteered an express liking for blue and violet images, including two in Abstract Color Transformations.
  3. One person (near Gulfport, MS) found that for his wife's shop, local TV ads produced the most business for cost. Some local Tulsa stations have very reasonable rates late night, when many students and young professionals may still be up.
  4. Many college campuses have areas where ads and announcements can be freely posted. Posting an ad made up of vinyl material with an example of a Laptop Security & Personality Skin™ may be effective, as well as paying students to post ads, paid in kind on verification of such postings. A contest for a Skin design with one as a prize might work.
  5. Business travelers might be an even larger market, but they are not always concentrated at specific locations like university students, unless at a large company or Federal Agency. Marketing directly to their CEOs, and purchasing and loss prevention managers might be effective. Such as some of the oil and utility companies and state agencies here in OK. This is a product that they just don't know they need yet. Walmart is one of the largest employers in the country and doing well, with corporate offices just over the line in Arkansas. So is Tyson Foods and at least one large trucking company, Jones Truck Lines. Large entities may be sold on the fact that a Laptop Security & Personality Skin™ offers both highly visible unique markings and relative anonymity for computers with secret or sensitive encrypted data. An anonymous reward number and/or serial number can be printed as well.
  6. One might make up simulated laptops out of two pieces of picture framing paperboard with a cloth or vinyl hinge. They can be covered with vinyl ads and examples and mailed in large envelopes relatively cheaply. An included CD-ROM can hold many example images for ordering, and a video showing how simple the Skins can be applied, all in HTML format. Even cheaper is a CD in a 6x9" white envelope, taking only two stamps. The CD can be padded with an example Laptop SecuritySkin™ sample.
  7. Go to companies that sell, install or service millions of laptops. Dell, Best Buy, Gateway, Office Depot, Apple, Staples, Lenovo, HP,,,, etc. The scores of local companies and shops that do it might be reached by targeted late night TV ads showing how easy they are to install. Those companies that sell through catalogs and/or web sites could be an effective outlet, making the sales somewhat easier.
  8. The registered Universal Product Code barcodes are expensive to obtain and maintain. Some outlets, such as WalMart will require them, but others will accept a manufacturer's model number. Thought should be given to at least developing an internal bar code for the large number of individual images and sizes of Skins that will be sold. It may simplify an inventory database. Eventually, registered UPCs will be possible as the market grows.
  9. This is an "evergreen" market, as laptops are even more prone to obsolescence than automobiles. Consider for example that the greater Tulsa metro area contains about 500,000 in population. Suppose that one in five have a laptop, and the profit per unit is on the order of $10. That means a local potential market of one million dollars every three to five years. Nationally, the market is orders of magnitude larger. The MSRP should be on the order of the other security feature in most laptops, their anti-virus programs, which cost between $25 and $60. With the cheap cost of labor, materials and the $3 per unit android originals artwork license fee (for small quantities), this offers an enormous potential for profit for those who begin now.


Manufacturing Observations


Small Operations Capital Equipment

The following consists of the suggested minimal equipment for a professional operation, with startup costs of $6080 to $10600, plus any location, facilities and utilities. No guarantees are intended.

  1. Canon IPF6200 24-inch wide printer with water-based pigment inks, $3000 to $3500; solvent inks would be bad for your employees and customers - they will require more infrastructure for capturing or venting fumes
  2. 25-inch wide cold laminator, $1200 to $4000, unlaminated prints are not tough enough for use
  3. Water-based vinyl print medium, $0.50 to $1.50 per square foot; you want the kind that has air-release channels, as 3M Controltac has
  4. Compatible clear vinyl overlaminate material (which I can't seem to find in the catalog, about $0.25 to $0.50 per square foot)
  5. Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 to CS4, extended for Windows or Mac, $380 to $800
  6. A suitable graphics computer, with at least 2 GB memory, DualCore Pentium CPU, 500 GB HD with same for backup, preferably RAID, a 19 to 20-inch LCD monitor with (separate) color calibration software, CD/DVD-rw drive, gigabit ethernet connection, sufficient power supply for computer and graphics board (probably 650W to 1200W), $1000 to $2000 if assembled from components from a supplier like
  7. Possibly a digital cutter-plotter, $500 to $2100 (for a Roland GX-24) to automatically cut skins to fit known laptops.
  8. Possibly a trailer with electricity and A/C to take the operation to the customer's site, $unknown
  9. Possibly an internet web site, costing about $200 a year, excluding design software and time, and maintenance.

Small Operations Workspace

This operation can start in as little as 100 square feet of space, but would fit more comfortably in 200 square feet. One business model might include a portable or trailer operation, which could be set up at a large customer's site. The customer's security could hand over the laptops after removing the hard drives. The Laptop Security & Personality Skins™ business could then install Skins™ with pre-chosen and printed artwork on-site and hand the laptops back directly to the customer's security service. That might minimize the liability for both sides.

Large Operations Capital Equipment and Workspace

android originals LC cannot comment in this area, other than to say that one can find product reviews a number of places, including Just to give an idea of operating and materials costs using 54 to 60 inch wide printers with solvent ink, a local print shop used to sell finished printed vinyl van wrap product in 2007 for about $5 to $6 a square foot uninstalled.


android originals LC™ Rules and Licensing Fees


Each unit shall be printed with the android originals LC™ copyright and the Laptop Security & Personality Skin™ or SecuritySkin™ or Personality Skin™ trademark clearly visible. Contracts and agreements shall be in accordance with the Graphic Artists Guild™ 11th Edition Handbook of Pricing & Ethics Guidelines. In other words, long, complicated contracts with lots of fine print, difficult for a layman to understand, will not be considered.

android originals LC™ base rate licensing fees are counted at $3.00 per unit sold containing android originals artwork, flat to 10,000 units and decreasing there after according to the following formula.


where u = number of units from January 1 of each year, a = -9687.5, b = 0.5, c = 75 times the square root of 2, and d = 28125.


For example, if one has done the math right, the license fee per unit is $.5222 at 20,000 units for a total cost of $38895.05, and $0.1765 per unit at 100,000 units for a total cost of $60,000. The base rate resets back to $3.00 per unit at the start of every year, after which 10,000 units must be sold and/or used on a product to apply the lower formula. Any separate image counts as a unit in one year. For example, one image used 10,000 times on one product or 1000 images all used on a product ten times both count as 10,000 units in the year that they are used.

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The base rate confers to the payer non-exclusive, limited time use of android originals LC™ images. Any negotiated exclusivity shall also be of limited time, and shall cost a multiple of the base rate. Any use of any Laptop Security & Personality Skin™ or SecuritySkin™ or Personality Skin™ or derivative trademark on a product shall be subject to payment of the base rate to android originals LC, with or without any android originals LC artwork. Use of any artwork whatsoever with such trademarks shall be subject to the explicity approval of android originals LC. Objectionable artwork shall not be approved by android originals LC and shall be subject to the full prosecution of civil and criminal law when used with these or derivative trademarks. No objectionable artwork shall be construed to have the approval of android originals LC just because it has been used in connection with these or derivative trademarks.

Use of the android originals LC™ trademarks and images on web site pages or in advertising is negotiable. In general android originals LC is willing to accept use of its images and trademarks for advertising and catalog purposes on appropriate web site pages, explicitly approved by android originals LC, at one tenth the base rate. Approval should not be a problem unless the application is in some way clearly objectionable. android originals LC has not yet set rates for use of its images and trademarks for magazine, television, GoogleAds and other advertising, but with the advice of counsel is generally willing to accept advertising industry averages and standards.

All books necessary to determine/verify the number of units sold and/or used in products or catalogs or advertising shall be open to android originals LC. Preferably, android originals LC will be kept informed of such uses on a regular basis and no dispute will arise that requires implementation of this clause. android originals LC requires payment within 30 days of all fees at least once a month, preferably every two weeks, and would appreciate realistic market projections, if available.



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