Credit Card Services Robo-Calls

I'm on two do-not-call lists, State and Federal. But for years I've been getting robo-calls from "Credit Card Services". Usually they start out, "There's nothing wrong with your account, but you can lower your interest rates!" The latest one threatened a letter with a rate hike and an offer of how to avoid it. My Bank and Card Company don't do that.

They can't all be the same "Credit Card Services" company. If they were they might be smart enough to figure that after the hundredth call, I wouldn't just up and say, "Well this time Ah think Ah'll fall fer it." Somebody must be selling robo-callers to wannabe grifters, telling them that they will buy any credit card information the phone grifters get.

So the dumb phone grifter sits down at home in the evening and lets the machine run until someone picks up and hits the number that says someone is interested. I always threaten and insult them, and still they keep calling. The last one responded to a threat with, "And if I find you Ah'll cut yor dick off nigger!" It's a pity I can't show the tonality of an angry black woman in print. I hope I made her day, the bum, trying to scam seniors like that. Is it illegal to respond to these malicious idiots with fake bomb threats? Ask them if their desks are ticking?

Another version of this scheme pretends that due to a recent use of my credit card, I've been referred as a special customer to a company that offers free gasoline and discount coupons for many products and services if I just sign up with them. When I refuse they say, "But it's free gasoline!"

I don't think the dumb phone grifters are the ones making the money on this deal. It's the people selling them the robo-call machines with the get rich quick scheme. But if they do get some credit card numbers for identity theft, so much the better for the real money makers.

Nobody ever seems to do anything about them. I think that some of our District Attorneys need to find cleaner campaign contributors.

© 2011 don baker