android originals pencil drawings

These drawings come from a set of over 180 drawings done in September and October of 2010 (© 2010). Most started as pencil drawings about an inch across. The ones here have been cleaned up in PhotoShop. They are offered for license for such things as stained glass, costume jewelry, iron wall art, chandeliers, tattoo art, pinstriping art, leather engraving, tee shirt prints, stencils and apparel print fabric. Most but not all follow the rules of Celtic knots, made of just a few lines that return to their origins. Due to the work involved, they are not shown here as strict over-under rope knots.

They fall into several categories: Alien Glyphs , Celtic Knots , Mandalas , and Tiaras . Some span more than one category. Some examples here demonstrate how they might look (rendered in PhotoShop) as stained glass or costume jewelry or metal wall art.

Currently, android originals will refer customers wishing to have these designs made into stained glass to a very reputable and competent local Tulsa stained glass studio for direct consultation and price estimation. This studio has decades of experience with church stained glass design, construction and restoration. Before going too far with that, the customer should make several prints of either the small 120 pixel thumbnail or large 500 pixel drawing (ignoring the copyright overprinting) and color them in by whatever means, colored pencils, paint, watercolor or even crayon. Then cut out the best one and hold it up to the light over the location where the customer wants to put it, at a distance that makes it appear in the size needed. Be sure and specify the size in inches of width or height.

Special introductory discount period - From February 1, 2011 through July 31, 2011, android originals will forgo its fees on all stained glass projects. The customer will pay only the price negotiated with the stained glass studio. After that special introductory period, prices can be expected to increase by about 20 percent.

Arrangements for other applications remain to be determined. The Tulsa metro area has a number of quality metal working and print shops, and other manufacturers capable of filling many of those needs. All American manufacturers, especially in the Tulsa area and Oklahoma, are welcome to propose licensing agreements to use the designs in their products. Architects, interior decorators and fashion designers are also welcome. Licensing will be limited to exclusivity only for a particular product and time period, and manufactuers will pay royalties on the gross sales of any product. For example, the same design may be executed as stained glass and iron wall art by different studios for different customers at the same time. Or say, a costume jeweler and a tee shirt maker.

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It may take some while to set up the web site software, but android originals intends to offer these designs to tattoo parlors for use on one piece of skin per license. When a cart system is available, a special introductory discount period is under consideration for this application as well.

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