Full Length Guitar Art Simulations

This page shows how this artwork might look on both the body and neck of a guitar. The five images below show android originals artwork simulated on a Washburn Billy Taylor (BT-2) guitar.Please be aware that blue on a monitor looks much more luminous and saturated than blue printed with ink. Digital printers often have trouble printing both reds and blues accurately.

The Way to the Tree, Red
The Way to the Tree, Blue
Purple Orchid
Seven Tulips
Blue Iceland Poppy

I forgot to include the pickup switch on some, but put it back in the Spinal Fusion images.

Blue Spinal Fusion
Red Spinal Fusion

Currently, it is possible to print the image on vinyl decal material, protected by a tough matte surface overlaminate. Like the Ibanez Cimar bass here. The current design for the neck decal has it wrapping around the back, where it can be secured with stickier tape out of sight. Slots are to be cut out for the frets. Since this overlaminate is matte, it feels slicker than finished wood because of decreased contact area between it and fingers compared to a glossy wood finish. It remains to be tested out in practice, but this may make for faster hand slides up and down the neck.

This material can wrap over simple curves, like the neck, but is too stiff to wrap over the round edge of the body where the it also curves in another direction. It does not stretch or shrink to fit, like the print layer, and the overlaminate is prone to separate from the printed layer when it catches on things like guitar straps. So the edges on the body decal need to be tacked down with a narrow strip of stickier and stretchier standard overlaminate.

If anyone is interested in ordering prototype decals to try out, write here.

© 2007 don baker, android originals LC