Fine Print B&W Guitar Art
with poems
the old woman's bed
fancy lamp

   The old woman's bed comes from a "sense of place" assignment for Minor White's Photography Lab at MIT in about 1967. It was taken in Southwest City, MO, at my Grandma's house, likely over Christmas vacation. The story is more or less true, since she moved into town after Grandpa died. The fancy lamp image comes from a vacation and church retreat home on Lake Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire. It had this beautiful old lamp and a vintage electric toaster with exposed heating coils. When one side of the slices were done, you dropped the holders so the slices could slide down on the brown side. Then when you put the slice holders back up, it would brown the other side. The story is the way i imagine things should be.

© 1967 to 2005 don baker