The links to images at the left represent a mere sample of work going back to about 1967. They break down into four major types, B&W fine prints, mostly from 2-1/4 inch square negatives, Nature Close Up, from 35 mm color slide and digital images, abstract Color Transformations, and more recently, acrylic and airbrush paintings. A few are from 35 mm B&W negatives. I've turned to digital photography, working through a succession of 1.3, 1.5, 3.2 and 5 megapixel cameras. Compared to film, the digital cameras have much less than stellar quality, but are considerably cheaper to use. And the digital images are easier to get into Adobe PhotoShop(tm) to modify and improve. More recently, I've started experimenting with airbrushing, and acrylic and fabric paint on paper and tee shirts. See the Small Works on Paper at the left. Note that the more recent work has been optimized for a widescreen display, 1440x900.

 All of these images are available for licensing, at industry rates. Contact or and make an offer. A small percentage of gross sales will be appreciated. I will entertain offers of representation from legitimate and experienced agents, who have references (also see below).

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 Notice to solicitors - Kindly do not contact me, especially with offers for better web site design. Nor am I interested in alleged representation which requires me to buy pages on another web site, showing a paltry number of images for more than this site costs. I've been working on this site since 1998, adding over 800 pages and 1300 images (with thumbnails), with Adobe PageMill 3.0. It suits me just fine.

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