The Farm Wife's Table

 Remembering poverty
the farm wife's table
offers food

  The computer images in this series were scanned from 8 by 8 inch silver prints. This series comes from a Christmas vacation "sense of place" photo assignment given in a course in Minor White's MIT photo lab sometime between 1966 and 1968. Using a Mamiya C22 2-1/4 twin lense reflex, probably loaded with Plus-X film, I shot several rolls around Granma's house in Southwest City, Missouri. I think that she moved off the farm and into town some years before when Granpa died. Several of the images, including one from a cabin on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, suggested a story, part of which is true.

 That camera was my favorite for a long time, and I put many rolls of film through it. I went to the bookstore and asked to hold it so many times that the salesman took pity on me and lowered the price to the point where I could ask my parents for the money to buy it. Many of the negatives have never been printed, except in contact sheets. It's a pity that B&W fine prints have no more following than they do. A little more success in selling prints would make a negative scanner possible and the rest of them more economical to print.

© 2004 don baker