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 Fine Print B&W with Poems

    These images are simulations of my artwork on an electric guitar body of my own design (trademark: The Android's Axe). They are considerably more pleasing than my playing, which thus far I refuse to do in public. I bought my first guitar in March 2005, several decades after beginning serious work in photography. So it was natural for me to photograph that guitar and create a template in Adobe PhotoShop to see what my artwork would look like on it. Please be aware that I do not yet have the means to put images on guitars, so cannot offer such artwork or service at this time. I am interested in licensing my artwork for this use. Contact.  Click Here to go to the main Guitar Art Home Page

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   The Manufacturer of my first electric guitar objects to any unauthorized use of its trademark Stratocaster body design. So I have designed this new body for the template, and removed the image templates of my first guitar from this site. Never offer free advertising to someone with a rigid trademark policy and a lot of lawyers with time on their hands.

© 1967 to 2006 don baker