quantum eyes

black sun on steel bay


  the android sees   differently
  through quantum eyes

  This series comes from work that started in 1968 or '69, after I graduated from college. I had dropped out, but not out of the labor force, working as a dishwasher, fry cook and construction laborer in Aspen, Colorado for the next year or so. I made enough extra to buy a Pentax H1a camera, take slides and experiment in color. The image above is from a slide taken much later, but many of the images in this series were scanned from old, fading Kodacolor prints made using color slides as negatives during that time in Colorado. I have rejuvenated some of the print images in PhotoShop, which has made doing such printing to transform colors obsolete, and created those like the one above in PhotoShop. The android, I'm afraid, never caught on to produce any artistic or commercial success.

© 2004 don baker