Artist's Bio

I have been involved in photography off and on since the late 1960s, when I took courses in Minor White's lab at MIT. Minor taught us to see things in a Zen state of concentration and relaxation. When I make images I do not consider any philosophy of art. I merely look for the patterns of light, color, form and texture that somehow resonate in my mind. Sometimes the camera fails to produce what I see; sometimes I do. Once in a while, it works out, all the way to the print. This seeking the light is no less creative than the things that I do as a scientist or engineer, but much more relaxing. I have used it many times as an anodyne to tension and strife.

 The last several years, medical problems have made it more difficult to get out and shoot pictures. I have gravitated more to digital photography and image making. Scanning my personal stock of prints and slides, or shooting with digital cameras, avoids the expense and time spent in the darkroom I no longer have, and still fulfills my need to create.


  • 1992 - Two prints in The 32nd Annual Art Zone Show, Jewish Community Center, Denver CO
  • May, 1996 - Three prints in the Mother's Day Show, Jim and Brent's Bistro, Eureka Springs AR
  • August, 1996 - One-man show, Out of Depression, Boatmen's National Bank of Northwest Arkansas, On the Square, Fayetteville AR -- reviewed by Becca Bacon Martin, The Morning News of Northwest Arkansas, Friday, Aug 9, 1996, page D1

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