LA Metro Light Box Proposals

In 2005, the Los Angeles Metro Art Project issued a call to artists to propose sets of images for the Photographic Light Boxes Project. As Metro says, "The selected images will be reproduced as seven (7) 3’ x 4’ photographic transparencies mounted in a series of seven (7) low profile, back-lit boxes." Metro intends to place these boxes in Metro Rail Stations, the Wilshire/Normandie, Vermont/Beverly and Pershing Square Stations. According to Metro: the goals are "To create a temporary public art project which: * Is of superior artistic merit.  * Is engaging to transit riders. and * Activates the transit space." I have submitted the following proposals:

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Proposal 1: old man's truck / farm wife's table

a short story with poetry of love, loss, endurance and mortality


Proposal 2: Variations on a Gear Set

Exercises in bringing color to a B&W image to fit possible decors


Proposal 3: splendor in the grass

spring weed flowers in a small area near Mingo Creek in Tulsa, OK of the kind people generally ignore or cut down with lawnmowers

Proposal 4: an experience of trees

trees made for witches, elves, ogres, sucking swamps
and seekers of enlightenment

Proposal 5: color transformations

transformations of color images into other realms (or decors)

Proposal 6: B&W into blue and brown

transforming B&W images into other realms (or decors) with color gradients

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