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Click on an thumbnail below to get to the series page with larger thumbnails. Please refer to the image by the filename below the thumbnail. The original digital image is about 3200 by 2100 pixels, but some have been cropped smaller. There may also be differences in color cast on your monitor.

Beach Drive, Panama City, Florida

 St. Andrews SRA, Florida



Turpentine Plantation


 Crystal Springs


 Stone Egg


 Flowers #1


 Colorado #1


 Transformations #1


How the images were made 

  This page leads to the thumbnail examples for what we hope will be a growing and popular set of stock digital images. Each thumbnail represents an image that was digitized from a 35mm slide at 2400 dpi with a 36-bit HP S20 scanner into Adobe PhotoShop 5.0 in 16 bits/channel RGB format. The fine-resolution images are thus about 2100 by 3200 pixels and about 44 megabytes in *.psd files. Dust spotting has not been done, but will upon sale, if requested. There may be a small black margin produced by the slide mount, if the images are uncropped. There has been some adjustment in the scanner software to improve the brightness contrast and saturation of the images. Those that appear a bit dark or flat keep as much of the original bit depth in the image as possible.

Short version of the license agreement - cost of the images

  Please read the full license agreement (still under development); all the terms therein are binding. In short, these images are offered primarily for advertising usage under a limited, one-time license. Under usages are possible under separate agreement. The user pays a non-refundable charge of $50.00 US per image to have each image copied onto a CD-ROM in MS Windows-compatible XA format and sent via airmail. Postage for faster service and outside the US is extra. Where possible, multiple images will be copied onto each CD-ROM. In addition, the user agrees upon ordering to pay a royalty of one percent of the gross cost of the advertising work in which the image is included, and agrees to include a byline. In other words, for usage in a one-page magazine ad, the royalty is 1% of the total gross production cost of the ad, as charged by both the advertising agency that produced the ad to its client and/or the magazine. If the ad is on a billboard, the royalty is 1% of the the total cost of production for all of the billboards on which it appears, including billboard setup and rents. The user agrees to forego inventive bookkeeping and to pay all legal costs for recovery of the full legitimate royalty if the license agreement is breached. Filling out an order form constitutes agreement to the terms of the license. Only the order form provided here (still under development) will be accepted. The images are guaranteed only to be fully readable on a PC-compatible computer that can read CD-ROM-XA format CDs.


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