Provisional Patent Application filed on humbucking switch system

On June 27th, shortly after posting about the alleged Fender Marauder ™ hum problem, I figured out just how to solve it with two commonly available switches, in a way that can produce all 12 possible humbucking combinations of pairs of the four single-coil pickups.  Assuming those pickups are matched.  I spent all day on the 28th, writing up a technical document and filed it that evening with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as a Provisional Patent Application (PPA).  The switches can be wired to produce the combinations in any order, including from warmest tones to brightest.

I shall not hold my breath waiting for Fender to call.  For one thing, my phone number does not appear on this site.  Second, an 8000-pound gorilla does not call little people.  From what I’ve heard from a recent attendee to its music store dealer boot camp, it even talks down to them.

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