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Fender(tm) – This means you

I got my U.S. Patent 9,401,134, filed July 23, 2014, issued July 26, 2014, out of the mailbox this morning.  Nice, fancy thing it is, all printed and bound, with an embossed gold seal of the United States Patent and … Continue reading

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The way forward – strategic partnerships

I’ve been coming up with more ideas to patent than I can fund, even in just the U.S.. Without being entirely delusional, I believe these ideas can change, even disrupt, the manufacture of stringed instruments, giving artists who adopt such … Continue reading

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The domain name now points to the Tutorials on Humbucking Pairs, which TSG now claims as a working ™.

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Patent No. 9,401,134 to be issued 7/26/2016

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has given official notice that Patent Application 14/338,373, filed 07/23/2014, published as US 2016/0027422 A1, will be issued on 07/26/2016 as Patent No. 9,401,134.

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Lost cost guitars for grade and high schools?

I’m curious to know if there are any school systems out there which would like to license, for minimal cost, the right to make a simple version in their shop classes of the kind of guitar described here, to be … Continue reading

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Business Partners Wanted

Why should you?  The intellectual property described on and being developed will change the industry, providing musicians with a whole new universe of customization and control.  You should check it out. OK, this is maybe a bad business decision, … Continue reading

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Changing the Personality of a Guitar – Part 2.1

It seems worth repeating the message another way, showing how to get the most out of humbucking pairs: For a pickup with 4 matched single-coil pickups, you can have 8 different personalities of 12 timbres each.  The personalities, timbres available … Continue reading

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When you have something to say – please let me hear it

So I’m an old guy.  I remember music from the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s.  What do I miss? Clarity. If I go to live music today, it’s often so loud, it’s painful.  Not only that, it’s so loud I can’t … Continue reading

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