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Eulogy for Adobe PhotoShop 7 ™

Thanks to Microsoft, most likely, PS7 is getting Alzheimer’s. It no longer remembers to stroke the entire path on command, leaving sections undone. Why? Probably because I used Windows Update on Windows 7. I recently upgraded my connection from a … Continue reading

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The way forward – strategic partnerships

I’ve been coming up with more ideas to patent than I can fund, even in just the U.S.. Without being entirely delusional, I believe these ideas can change, even disrupt, the manufacture of stringed instruments, giving artists who adopt such … Continue reading

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When you have something to say – please let me hear it

So I’m an old guy.  I remember music from the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s.  What do I miss? Clarity. If I go to live music today, it’s often so loud, it’s painful.  Not only that, it’s so loud I can’t … Continue reading

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History Tab Added

For any who might wonder where this all came from, and how long it took, TSG now has a History tab.  The first article, Shooting the Bullet, describes a time in about April to May 2005, when a new Fender … Continue reading

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