Cherry, American, 0028, 29, 42, 49

Fine-grained light brown wood with modest grain pattern, but some iridescence and brighter grain when polished.  These knobs left as plain cylinders to illustrate grain.

Knob 0028 – HG, PU finish

knob0028   0.96D x 0.75″H

Knob 0029 – HG, PU finish

knob0029  0.97D x 0.72″H

Knob 0042 – HG, PU finish, w/ Padauk center

knob0042  0.96D x 0.69″H

Knob 0049 – HG, PU finish, w/Yellowheart & Padauk center, Purpleheart sides

knob0049  0.94D x 0.66″H

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