Les Ewing Comments on 4th Prototype Guitar

January 28, 2014

Les Ewing of Ewing Music in Tulsa (5970 Suite I, E 31st St, Tulsa OK 74135, 918-622-4077) was one of the first to see and review the 4th prototype electric-acoustic guitar, back in January.  Les is a keyboard player and instructor with a long history and memory in the music business.  He listened to my inadequate playing of the 4th prototype through a large tube amp.  Among his comments:

“It has a fat sound even in the bright positions.”

“I like the idea of a great variability in output.” (tone and timbre settings)

“The distortion effect sounds like a ’60s tube amp.”

“The unique setting with a string-popping sound has not been heard on any other instruments.”

“It needs pre-adjusted switch settings for tone, volume and pre-amp (distortion).”

“It has a potential for great sales if handled properly.”

“Kit guitars might be a big seller.”

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