Single-Wood Knobs

A JVC Everio GZ-MS110BU digital camcorder took the videos posted here, of knobs rotating on a neutral-gray DIY turntable.  Unfortunately, even the “Ultra Fine” setting produced rather fuzzy recordings, and even falling back and using a telephoto lens setting improved the depth of field only a little.  Nevertheless, the videos clearly show the flashing iridescence of many of the knobs, from one overhead light and one side light.  For some, only images are provided.  A few are added for reference, with no image or video.

Some of the videos have failed to be embedded in this page.  If they aren’t working try the Tulsa Sound Guitars YouTube Channel., or try copying the YouTube URL into your browser.

Single-Wood Knobs by Wood and Serial Number:

Blackwood, African – 0069 – horizontal grain, wax polish finish (no video or image)

Bloodwood – 0004 – Vertical grain with little iridescence, urethane finish


Bocote – 0006, 0011 (cracked, image only) – Vertical grain (wide grain and soft), urethane finish over superglue and acrylic


Knob 0011 – Image only

Canarywood – 0005 – vertical grain, urethane finish


Chakte Viga – 0070, 0074 to 0076 (no images or video yet) – variable direction grain, mostly horizontal, urethane finish

Cherry – 0028, 0029 – unshaped cylinders, horizontal grain, urethane finish



Marblewood – 0034 to 0040, 0072 (no image yet) – unshaped cylinders except for 0038 & 0072, vertical grain except for 0072, urethane finish








Orange Agate, Argentinian – 0032, 0033 – unshaped cylinders, horizontal grain, urethane finish

Osage Orange, Argentinian – 0030, 0031 – unshaped cylinders, horizontal grain, urethane finish

Padauk – 0050 to 0055 (see, 0064 – vertical grain, urethane finish

knob0050Knob 0050

knob0055Knob 0051


knob0054Knob 0052


Knob 0053


Knob 0054

knob0051Knob 0055

Poplar – 0065 to 0068 – mostly horizontal grain except for 0066, urethane finish

Rosewood, Yucatan – 0060 to 0063 – horizontal grain, urethane finish except 0061 oil finish

Rosewood, unknown type & origin – 0071 – horizontal grain, urethane finish (no image or video yet)

Walnut, Peruvian – 0026, 0027 – unshaped cylinders, horizontal grain, urethane finish


Yellowheart – 0024, 0025, 0073, 0075 – unshaped cylinders except 0073&75 (no image or video yet) , horizontal grain w/iridescence, urethane finish

Zapote – 0003, 0008 – mostly vertical grain, oil finish

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