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New U.S. Patent filed & background published

Yesterday, I filed my 3rd Non-Provisional Patent Application, and today published the background theory for it at: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/323686205_Making_Guitars_with_Multiple_Tonal_Characters   The patent involves matched, single-coil pickups for humbucking circuits with reversible magnetic poles. I have a new area for publications of papers … Continue reading

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HumbuckingPairs.com now points to Humbucking Pairs Tutorials

The domain name HumbuckingPairs.com now points to the Tutorials on Humbucking Pairs, which TSG now claims as a working ™.

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Addendum to An All-Humbucking 5-Way Superswitch Circuit (Tutorials page)

Addendum 2016-06-30: Actually the odd coil out can be put in any position, not just the middle.  But then you will have to rework the wiring and soldering diagrams.  Consider putting it at the neck.  Then the (N+B) pair is … Continue reading

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Paul Reed Smith Guitars 513 ™ model pickup switching – General principles of humbucking pairs

If you go to the PRS Guitars web site and look at the video for the 513 model (five pickups, 13 different sounds) you will see and hear a beautiful guitar that sounds awesome.  It uses two dual-coil humbuckers at … Continue reading

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Provisional Patent Application filed on humbucking switch system

On June 27th, shortly after posting about the alleged Fender Marauder ™ hum problem, I figured out just how to solve it with two commonly available switches, in a way that can produce all 12 possible humbucking combinations of pairs … Continue reading

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