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For those who might have commercial interests in these or other images at this site, most are available as digital files at much higher resolutions. We also have a much larger stock of transparency images to be digitized. --Enjoy.



Well, free with restrictions. This material is copyrighted.

How to download: Windows users can right-click on an image and then click on "Set As Wallpaper". The image will be installed on your computer as "Netscape Wallpaper.bmp", if you are using Netscape Navigator, with a similar name for Internet Explorer. What you see is what you get; these images are the same size that they will appear as wallpaper tiles on your screen. If you wish to download another file, you must rename the "Netscape Wallpaper.bmp" file on your computer, or it will be overwritten. Feel free to come back as many times as you want when you get tired of your current selection.

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