Introduction to Blogs Section

  This section may or may not continue. Mostly it's for me to vent and comment about the absurdities of life. I haven't set up anything for responses. In full disclosure, I wouldn't have the time and energy to respond.
Note: This afternoon, Friday, June 17, 2011, a nice young lady named Jodi from Sears-Kmart in Des Moines called to fix the problem. Her Mother has bouts of sepsis and she understands what a hassle it can be. She refunded the shipping charges on the old order, and reordered the item with free shipping and a moderate discount. If she had not done this, I would never have visited another Sears or Kmart store again. A very nice young lady indeed. So Jodi's supervisor, Beth, should be pleased with her. She did the right thing and kept a customer from never returning.

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What has UPS done? NADA. So, except for this note, I've left the page above unchanged as a cautionary tale to those who ship by it.

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