Stock Digital Photos


  These images all come from 35mm color slides, usually Kodachrome (tm), but sometimes Ektachrome (tm) or Agfachrome (tm). They were taken over a wide range of years in a number of locations, some of which are noted on the pages. This kind of shooting comes partly from entering a Zen-like state of conscious seeing, as taught by Minor White. It is entirely opportunistic, rarely planned to achieve a particular objective beyond attempting to pre-visualize the finished product. It may be the ability to switch modes from hunting to an intense form of gathering. One tries to pick a locale that will produce many images, and then to walk slowly through it to see what triggers the artistic gathering response. Many times, of course, the final slide or print does not remain as transcendent as it looked in the viewfinder. Of course, it may be the price of working up too many endorphins.

  Each image was digitized at 2400 dpi with a 36-bit HP S20 scanner into Adobe PhotoShop 5.0 (or better) in 16 bits/channel RGB format. The fine-resolution images are thus about 2100 by 3200 pixels and about 44 megabytes in *.psd files. Unfortunately, it is not possible in this software in this format to do dust spotting, so there may be minor defects. There may also be a small black margin produced by the slide mount, if the images are uncropped. There has been some adjustment in the scanner software to improve the brightness contrast and saturation of the images. Those that appear a bit dark or flat keep as much of the original bit depth in the image as possible.