Other than some small works on paper and hand-painted tee shirts, as of 2009 I am not currently producing any work for sale. That can change with sufficient incentives. I am more interested in licensing my work for others to produce. Pricing depends upon the project. The interested client or business partner can find appropriate terms of agreement in and the latest Graphic Artists Guild Handbook on Pricing and Ethical Guidelines (I have the 9th and 11th Editions).

I am interested in obtaining an agent to sell my work and its licensing rights. I would like it if this person could be a disabled Veteran with appropriate qualifications. Those qualifications would include: good people skills, a positive attitude, incorruptible honesty and ethics, preference to experience in business management and representation. I prefer to work with a small number of people I can trust. Since I have no budget for hiring, it would have to be on commission. I think that 40% of gross to the agent would be fair.

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