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This site demonstrates the artwork of Don Baker of Tulsa, OK, the sole owner of android originals LC (tm). The work, mostly photographic, tends to fall into some general categories:

Guitar Art Decals - As of November 2006, I was working to produce my artwork as art decals for guitars. I have applied them to two guitars, a Squier Stratocaster and an Ibanez Cimar bass, covering the front body and neck, including the headstock on the Cimar. I bought my first guitar in May 2005 and within a month had made a template in Adobe PhotoShop to see how my artwork would look on it. The decals are solvent based pigment ink digitally printed upon self-adhesive vinyl, with a tough overlaminate to protect against fingernail scratches (with some UV protection). The materials are generally rated for a lifetime of about two years as outdoor signs, but are not yet rated for use as guitar decals. The processes take a lot of hand work without the use of digital templates and cutting machines. The product has not generated enough interest to pursue at this time (November 2009). So I am considering other ways of putting art on guitars, perhaps with airbrushing or carving. I have in mind an approach to electric guitar making that does not follow the conventional Fender/Gibson model.

Vision Statement - Ah, artspeak - not something I comfortably employ, without trying to make a joke of it. Even though I hope that others find my work stimulating, I do this primarily for myself, not so much to make statements to others. My first serious pursuit started about 1966, when I took some creative photography classes in Minor White's MIT lab as an engineering student. This work has filled a primal need to make things of beauty. I have done some of my best stuff while miserable and seeking solace in it. I used to take a lot of pleasure in developing and printing if B&W, which I no longer do because of the expense. I have been manipulating the images in PhotoShop since about 1998. The intellectual process, if one can call it that, seems to be half or more unconscious, or at least unexplainable. Some unknown synthesis of all the things I have seen before, which have been hardwired in my brain. A recognized artist in wood carving, Richard Butz, said of the art of design, "The only universal rule seems to be that a good design feels right when you look at it." For those of us without Master of Fine Arts degrees, this works as well as anything. It doesn't really matter if it doesn't grab you and make you look at it.

Commercial Interests - I currently live on Social Security disability, in a Ticket to Work Program trying to establish myself as a visual artist. Aside from the shareware computer wallpaper, this work is intended for sale as fine art, wall decoration for interior decoration, design, printed and woven fabric designs, posters, book jackets, album covers and web publication designs. If anyone wishes to represent or license this work for any legitimate purpose, I'm open to suggestions. Currently, I cannot accept deadlines, but will be glad to discuss projects of mutual interest. The Guitar Art section demonstrates one possible commercial application, and I would welcome any sound ideas for others. Due to current physical limitations, my work will be mostly derived from my moderate stock of slides, negatives and digital images. This web site contains a small sample. I expect 60% of net sales from a representative or licensing agent, and will not accept less than 50%. I do not have any budget for advertising other than my web site, android-originals.com.

Available Prints and Digital Files - Most of my available work is now in digital format, coming from scanned and manipulated 35mm color slides (some B&W) and fine print B&W, or from a succession of digital cameras. I can process the images that start out with low resolution to look more painterly at higher resolutions. I produce Windows PhotoShop-compatible digital files up to about 100 MB or more on PC/Windows2000 and Mac OS X compatible CD-ROMs, as needed. I also have a stock of past work, dating back to about 1967, which can be scanned. I am no longer using a giclee printer of my own. I have lately begun to explore airbrushing, and scan my work as completed.

Why "android originals"? -  I experimented with color transformations as early as 1968 or '69, having color slides printed as if they were Kodacolor (tm) negatives. One time while I was in Fort Collins, CO between about 1986 and 1996, I took them to a local art gallery and museum to offer the prints for exhibition. The lady looked at them askance and asked, "Are these machine prints?" By that time, I had transfered the fading original Kodacolor images to color laser prints. So of course I said yes, and told her what they were. Whereupon she declared, "Well, we can't take these. We only hang original work!" I suppose the European posters they put up later must have gathered sufficient originality to meet their criterion by crossing the Atlantic. Perhaps they also made such rational exceptions for lithgraphs and etchings. Being an engineer by training and somewhat annoyed by the machine putdown, I chose humor and decided to make it work for me. Hence, android originals, the original machine prints.

Why not limited editions? -  I have not thus far had reason or occasion to print my images in large batches, except for a postcard mailing in May 2004. Rather than number my prints, I intend to date them as they are made. Thus any post-mortem collector value will likely be based on which is earliest. Since I was born in 1946, you can estimate how long that will be. Sometime around 2030, one would think, if by natural causes.

android originals LC - Android originals changed from a sole proprietorship to a single-person limited liability company in the State of Oklahoma as of June 7, 2006. Not all of the copyright notices on this site have been changed, but they still apply as copyrights of the intellectual property of the owner, Donald L. Baker.

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