The images in these HTML pages show photographs converted into seamless tiling images. Just click on the tile and fabric images in the following pages that have links to see the image as background in a web page, simulating fabric. They began as computer wallpaper, but can be adapted to print and perhaps even woven fabric designs. I am interested in finding one or more manufacturers and upholstery or clothing designers willing to help me learn how to meet their needs.

  These images were generated using Adobe PhotoShop (4.0 to 7.0) and ImageReady (1.0 to 7.0). Some of the images are from 35mm color slides (with a 2400 dpi scanner) and the rest are from a 1.5 megapixel digital camera. I now have a 3.2 megapixel digital camera, and for B&W have long had a 2-1/4 inch square format camera. Physical disability makes it more difficult these days, but I am willing to do some field work to get the necessary images from nature. I also have a stock of images going back about 30 years.

  Here are a few samples of such photographic tiled images below, from images in nature. I hope that you will agree with me that these images have some potential for fabric patterns. I have also attempted to change them into woven fabric patterns by reducing the number of (thread) colors in GIF files in Adobe ImageReady 7.0. But I am not satisfied with the results and do not present them here. I would be grateful of someone could refer me to a suitable (and moderately priced) reference text for the effective technical design of Jaquard and other woven fabrics.






  If you like these images, I have some ideas for other projects. One is large scale images to use as drapery and tapestry. Another is art prints for wall hanging, with colors coordinated to fabric, upholstery and drapery. I've also been experimenting with coloring B&W images with Pantone Home Furnishings Forecast colors (2003), and with color gradients that make them more abstract. This could lead to a series of wall artwork that is color-coordinated with the furnishings. I have some visually striking work. I'd like someone to consider taking it up to wall- or floor-sized formats, in either wallpaper or fabric. I have access to several print houses that can print vinyl, paper or canvas up to 50 inches wide, generally using solvent-based pigment inks.

 Pricing depends upon the project.

  You can reach me in Tulsa at: Donald L. Baker (Don), ,,

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