Eulogy for Adobe PhotoShop 7 ™

Thanks to Microsoft, most likely, PS7 is getting Alzheimer’s. It no longer remembers to stroke the entire path on command, leaving sections undone. Why? Probably because I used Windows Update on Windows 7.

I recently upgraded my connection from a mobile hotspot to cable internet, so that the Windows updates wouldn’t kill off my $10/GB metered data. After hundreds of megabytes of updates, my Windows 10 laptop now boots and comes out of hibernation slower than ever, and PhotoShop 7 on my Windows 7 desktop is losing capability.

I shall mourn PhotoShop 7. Its classic toolset is so perfectly made that I’ve learned to use it for photos, paintings, graphic art, CAD drawings and electronic circuit diagrams ever since it was Version 4. For example, I used it to take a pencil drawing like this:

(c) Don Baker 2010

and turn it into this:

(c) Don Baker circa 2011-12

I used it for all the figures of guitar bodies, electronic circuits and graphs in U.S. Patent 9401134 B2:

Until now, I have not needed anything else. I’m currently using it for patent applications and to write a new textbook on guitar electronics. That has now become more difficult and uncertain.

Microsoft is like a Developer enthusiastically putting up ever-higher and more expensive condos, without bothering to notice the endangered flowers and butterflies it tramples underneath. Never bothering to fix the old bugs as it compulsively adds every more bloated “features”. Creating millions upon millions of lines of octopus-code, all the while installing new bugs. It doesn’t really care how much it damages the work of others, so long as it can induce us to buy more products. Whether we can afford them or not.

If Karma accrues, sooner or later, these turkeys will have to live on Social Security and minuscule COLAs, while their medical insurance continues to rise above that pace. One can only hope.

© 2018 Don Baker dba android originals LC, Ph.D retired

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