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Searching for articles on custom knobs

Do you see that little “Search” box to the right?  All of the custom wood guitar knobs shown here have serial numbers, up to 287 at this point.  And except for one cited as an “unknown” (white) wood, most all … Continue reading

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User/Subscriber Benefits?

As of this writing, 32 other people have signed up as users on this site, who are real people, not known as spambots (which will be deleted with prejudice).  At this point, the only benefits to signing up as a … Continue reading

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Why “Tulsa Sound Guitars”?

Tulsa Sound Guitars is run by, currently based in Tulsa Oklahoma since 2003, as an experimental site to post information on guitar art, decorations, accessories and prototypes.  The use of the term “Tulsa Sound” is provisional and cannot be … Continue reading

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