Tulsa Sound Guitars ™ is interested in interviewing local Tulsa professional guitarists to evaluate and comment upon current prototype guitars and accessories (electric guitar knobs made out of exotic woods for now). Although not every request can be accommodated, and the process of development is currently rather slow, TSG pledges to consider every constructive suggestion from you in the development of future models.  Further, if you are willing to sign a release form and be recorded, your interview video may be posted to this site.  Due to limited resources, TSG cannot pay for interviews.  Please check the Contact Page.

Paul Humphrey interview, Feb 5, 2014:

Mr. Paul Humphrey, then a music student at the University of Tulsa with a concentration in jazz music, graciously consented to give an interview while evaluating some of my guitars on February 5th, 2014.  This is the first video interview I have ever conducted, so all the mistakes are mine.  It has been broken into six interviews covering Mr. Humphrey playing and reviewing five artwork and prototype guitars.



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