Custom Wood Knob Profiles

These profiles approximate knob vertical cross-sections, numbered by knob serial number, with dimensions of diameter (D) and height (H) in inches.  The photos are taken with the knobs at a set distance from a digital camera, and mounted on a 1/4-20 screw.  So the visual sizes are correctly proportional.  But because of parallax and a slight pin-cushion distortion, a flat top or flat bottom will appear slightly rounded.  Many knobs have very similar profiles, but all are slightly different, often depending on decorative and finger grip grooves.  Actual sizes can be estimated by reprinting this page to the scale of the listed dimensions.  On my screen, 0.80″ shows as about 1 inch.  Your screen may differ.

More will be added as processed. Some knobs that are simply different sizes of cylindrical will be left out.

prof0001 copyprof0002 copy

prof0003 copyprof0004 copy

prof0005 copyprof0006 copy

prof0007 copy prof0008 copy

prof0009 copyprof0010 copy

prof0011 copyprof0012 copy

prof0013 copy prof0014 copy

prof0015 copy prof0016 copy

prof0017 copy prof0018 copy

prof0021 prof0022 copy

Many of the knobs between 22 and 38 are simple cylinders, made merely to show the iridescence of the wood, or lack thereof.

prof0038 copy prof0040 copy

prof0047 copyKnob oo47 is the largest of these, used to size the rest of the images.

prof0050 copyprof0051 copy

There were several similar knobs to 50, 51 & 54, differing only in size and decoration.

prof0054 copy prof0056 copy

prof0057 copy prof0058 copy

prof0059 copy prof0060 copy

prof0061 copy prof0062 copy

prof0063 copy

prof0065 copyprof0066 copy

prof0067 copy prof0068 copy

prof0069 copyprof0070 copy

prof0071 copyprof0072 copy

prof0073 copyprof0074 copy

prof0075 copy prof0076 copy

prof0077 copyprof0078 copy

prof0079 copyprof0080









prof0091 prof0092



prof0097      prof0098

prof0099 prof0100


prof0103 prof0104

prof0105 prof0106

prof0107 prof0108

prof0109 prof0110

prof0111  prof0112

prof0113   prof0114


prof0117   prof0118

prof0119 prof0120

prof0121 prof0122


prof0125 prof0126

prof0127 prof0128

prof0129 prof0130


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