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Periodic removal of Users

To avoid use and abuse of this site by spammers, Users who are not known to this administrator as real human beings may be periodically removed, unless they make at least one cogent, non-spam comment, and/or provide some background information that can be verified.  After all, how long would you expect a site to carry a User with an e-mail address like or  Or some other site which does not provide a way to verify that User e-mail addresses actually exist?  Sites such as will be used to verify that a new user is not a spammer.  Would you expect to be allowed in if you are listed as spamming scores of sites?  And BTW, radically different usernames and e-mail addresses are a dead giveaway.

Opt-in e-mail notifications of page and post changes:

As of June 18, 2015, this site has the capability to inform subscribers of new or changed pages and posts via e-mail.  It is not automatic upon registration on this site.  To opt in, the subscriber must either send an e-mail to axe1-aT-TulsaSoundGuitars-dT-com, with the subject line “Opt-in e-mail notifications”.  To opt out, the user must send an e-mail to the same address with the subject line “Stop e-mail notifications”.

Spambots Deleted

“Users”, which are blacklisted elsewhere as spambots on such sites as, have been registering on this site in increasing numbers.  The e-mail addresses of “users” below have been deleted due to such listings.  Suspicious e-mail addresses will be checked repeatedly for updated listing as spammers.  And would you believe?  From the nicknames they use elsewhere, a lot of these spammers don’t know if they’re male or female.

If you are a legitimate user and your account has been deleted, your e-mail may have been hacked by spammers.  Please change your e-mail address and try again, leaving a comment on this page to demonstrate that you are a real person.

Examples of banned addresses include:

==> is now banned due to repeated abuse. ==> is now banned due to reports of spam attacks on other sites.

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