Dalmata, 0111-0116

Woodcraft describes Dalmata, native to Peru, as “warm reddish brown color with black or very dark brown streaks.”  The knobs below are horizontal grain, finished with cyanoacrylate, or super glue, and decorated with glass beads.  The wood is very dark, with some streaks of reddish brown and iridescent honey-colored streaks.

Knob 0111 –

knob0111  prof0111

Knob 0112 –

knob0112  prof0112

Knob 0113 –

knob0113  prof0113

Knob 0114 –

knob0114  prof0114

Knob 0115 –

knob0115  prof0115

Knob 0116 –

knob0116  prof0116

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