5 Laminated Padauk Knobs

These knobs were made by gluing lighter-colored pieces of about 1/4 inch thickness and random lengths to a stick of Padauk about 3/4 x 3/4 x 5 inches, then cutting the whole into 5 pieces down the length.  The lighter woods were Rosewood (mostly pale sapwood), Oak, Marblewood, Olivewood and Angelique.  Padauk is an African wood, with fine grain, coarse pores and a deep red-orange color.  When polished, the end grain is a deep red; the side (or face) grain shows iridescent red-orange.  All the knobs were finished with 3 base coats of generic superglue, and 2-3 finish coats of Johnson’s Paste Wax.

prof0142 copyknob0142 copy

#0142  Padauk w/ Rosewood

prof0143 copyknob0143c copy

#0143  Padauk w/ Red Oak – The coarse grain and pores of the Oak tended to trap the sanding dust from the Padauk, tinting them red.  The Oak started out so light-colored that it looked like White Oak, then got darker with Padauk dust and finishing.

prof0144 copy knob0144b copy

#0144  Padauk w/ Olivewood & Angelique – the Olivewood shows branching veins of light brown on cream

prof0145 copy knob0145 copy

#0145 Padauk w/ Marblewood – Marblewood has a distinctive tri-color grain, chocolate, caramel and cream

prof0146 copy    knob0146 copy

#0146 – Padauk w/ Red Oak – This piece of Padauk has a couple of twig-knots that show up as bright red-orange in the dark end grain.  Very unique.


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