Knobs 299 & 300, Chakte Viga

Knobs 299 & 300

These knobs were made from horizontal grain Chakte Viga, with a very fine grain.  The grain can be folded in appearance with mottled but strong iridescence changing with the angle of light and view.  The colors are a bit less intensely yellow than seen here, going from beige to orange to brown.  It’s hard to get highly accurate colors with a point-and-shoot camera, even an Olympus Stylus 5010, and with daylight color (5000 deg-K) LED lamps.

Because water-based acrylic tends to raise grain, these were finished with Rustoleum Spray Clear Lacquer.  It goes on a bit thick, and only needs about two coats.  Each knob was polished to a high gloss on the lathe.  Then was mounted on a 4-inch by 6mm diameter bamboo stick, which was chucked into a hand power drill, and then sprayed from about 45 degrees off the bottom direction and about 45 degrees of the top direction to assure full coverage.  The maximum dimensions are 0.71” tall (300) and 0.98” diameter (299).

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