Lathe-Turned Wood BIC Pen Holders

The following images show wood Bic pen holders, hand cut on a pen lathe, polished and mostly finished with Rustoleum Specialty clear spray lacquer. The woods are exotic hardwoods, with a small piece of Walnut hidden inside one of them. Most are about 5-1/8 inch long by ½ to 9/16 inch diameter. The flairs at the tip and the middle make them comfortable to hold and use for much longer than the Bics and Bic Round Sticks ™ from which the ink comes. The ink tube and point can be replaced when the original runs out, by simply pulling out the dead one and inserting a new one. Most have a groove cut in the head for a string or ribbon to keep or help find them on a desk. These are purely desk pens. For some reason, if carried in a pocket, they tend to leak. Obviously, removing the ink from the plastic bodies has damaged celestial harmonies.

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