Business Partners Wanted

Why should you?  The intellectual property described on and being developed will change the industry, providing musicians with a whole new universe of customization and control.  You should check it out.

OK, this is maybe a bad business decision, but I have to admit I need some help here.  And in the same no doubt self-destructive impulse, I admit that calling this “Tulsa Sound Guitars” is more wistful thinking and marketing than actually being plugged into the Tulsa Sound and providing those musicians with guitars.

The trouble is, in order to do that, I’d have to be about 20 years younger, and running around after dark selling my guitars to those musicians.  At 70, that’s a bit beyond me.  One Tulsa guitarist actually did offer, sight unseen, to play one of my prototypes at his gig.  I wish I could take him up on it, but I usually don’t drive after dark unless it’s an emergency.  Too tired and too much chance of losing my license.

It would be much better to have younger, more energetic business partners to handle the business, marketing and production while I do the R&D.  Being a retired scientist and engineer, that’s what I do best.  I’ve gotten a lot slower, and lost a few steps, like higher math and computer programming, but I can still do this.

So, if there’s anyone out there in the Tulsa or Oklahoma entrepreneurial community with capability, experience, and a passion for guitars, come on down.  Preferably before I have to take it out of state.  Please have a resume and references ready.  Women and minorities welcome.

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