Lost cost guitars for grade and high schools?

I’m curious to know if there are any school systems out there which would like to license, for minimal cost, the right to make a simple version in their shop classes of the kind of guitar described here, to be sold for cost only, if at all, to their music students only.  No for-profit sales would be allowed, or sales to any outside group or agency.

When last investigated, a few years back, a dealer license for one type of commercial neck, to be described in consultation, might be had by a school for an order of $500, with necks at less than $30 each.  The remaining hardware, such as tuners, jack, pots, switches, screws, pickups and strings might be purchased, with a dealer account, for less than $60.  All the other wood and finishing is extra.  Shop power tools like a drill press, band saw, router, miter saw, scroll saw, jig saw would be required.  A small wood lathe would be needed for making control knobs, if any.

So the base cost, if inexpensive woods are used, could be less than $90.  That price is subject to revision, depending on the sourcing of parts.  Tulsa Sound Guitars will not be selling them.  TSG would instead provide licensing, and some instructional materials and plans, yet to be developed.  The idea here is not to make tons of money, but to introduce this kind of guitar to the next generation of guitar makers and musicians.

Expect some bobbles at the start.  Nothing has yet been fully developed.  This is just an initial inquiry of interest.


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