Knobs 19 & 20 Recut – Maple with Purpleheart & Cherry Centers

Knobs 19 & 20 Recut

Knobs 19 & 20 Recut

Knobs 19 & 20 were originally cut as simple cylinders, to show any iridescence in the woods.  Both are made of two layers of 3/8” thick horizontal grain Maple with ¼” of  another horizontal grain wood sandwiched in between, to make a 1×1” knob blank, ¾” tall.  Knob 19 has a Purpleheart center, and knob 20 has Cherry.  Purpleheart has very little real color (dark purple, fading to brown) and iridescence, but the Cherry has a surprisingly complex grain (for such a bland unfinished appearance) that is iridescent when polished.  Maple also has strong iridescence.  Both knobs have a superglue (SG) base coat, with layers of SG and a final finish of Kiwi neutral shoe polish.

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