Knobs 270, 271 & 272 – Yellowheart w/ Bloodwood Pointer

Knobs 270, 271 & 272

Knobs 270, 271 & 272

Knobs 270, 271 & 272 are the next 3 of 8 knobs made from a ¾” by 4” board of Yellowheart, glued to a ¼” by 1.5 “ stick of Bloodwood, and split in half along the 4″ direction.  Those two pieces were cut into four each, making 8 knob blanks of about 1 x 1”, ¾” high, with the Yellowheart grain vertical and the Bloodwood grain horizontal, as can be seen in the picture above.  The bloodwood provides a kind of rotation pointer.  Each knob has a superglue (SG) base coat, followed by layered and polished SG, with a final finish of Kiwi neutral shoe polish.  This give the Yellowheart iridescence on the sides, but not the top, and the bloodwood iridescence on the top and from a particular angle on the side.

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