Knobs 308, 309 & 310: Asian Ladies, Canarywood & Wenge

Knobs 308, 309 & 310

These knobs, named Asian Ladies for the color scheme, use ¾” vertical grain Canarywood, with ¼” horizontal grain Wenge to indicate rotation. While Canary wood generally has iridescence in the side grain, it is less evident here.  For some unknown reason, this digital photo shows yellow hues a bit more intense than reality.  Wenge has layers of brown and brownish-black with no iridescence.  The lighter brown layers are softer, and tend to finish lower with sanding, leaving a lightly sculptured surface.

The finish on 308 consists of Rustoleum spray lacquer for base and finish coats, with layers of Minwax Polycrylic in between.  Knobs 309 & 310 omit the lacquer finish coat.  The maximum dimensions (309) are 0.735” tall and 0.969” diameter.  Size 5-40 set screw holes are drilled and tapped into the thicker Canarywood because it envelopes the pot shaft hole.  This keeps the set screw from stressing the wood glue joint on tightening.

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