Knobs 311 to 316: Irish Ladies – Olivewood w/ Padauk

Knobs 311, 312 & 313

Knobs 314, 315 & 316

Named for Irish Ladies with pale skin and flaming red hair, these knobs have ¾ vertical grain Olivewood with ¼ horizontal grain Padauk.  The diameters range from 0.945” to 1.002” with heights from 0.716” to 0.742”.  An African wood, Padauk ranges in color from dark red to bright reddish-orange, with the lighter colors being highly iridescent, as shown with the slightly changed angles to the light in the top rows.  Padauk has such an intense color that the dust from turning it will tint other woods with coarser grains.  Olivewood has a very fine and hard grain that does not pick up this tint.  Its color ranges from  ivory to dark beige, but a better quality Olivewood has more subtle grains than shown here.  Being opaque, Olivewood has little or no iridescence.

These knobs were primed with Rustoleum glossy clear spray lacquer.  Some (I forget which) have finish overcoats of Minwas Polycrylic, which may eventually cure to a harder surface than the lacquer.  In a separate experiment on aromatic red Cedar, the lacquer primer produced darker and more saturated wood colors than the acrylic, which reduced saturation.  And if a wood has any tendency to raise grain with moisture, the water-based acrylic will do so, where the lacquer won’t.

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